Summer Unit Design Session



June 29 - July 3, 2015

8:30 am - 3:30 pm


Surrey Christian School

- secondary campus

15353 92nd Avenue, Surrey, BC


K – 12 teachers


What if education is not about ideas and information, but about the formation of hearts ...


$400 per person

Daily lunch is included



Darryl De Boer,
Director of Learning,

Surrey Christian School


Doug Monsma,
Director of Learning,

Prairie Centre for Christian Education


 Course questions

may be directed
to the instructors.



The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a peculiar people – a people who desire
the kingdom of God and thus undertake their life’s expression of that desire.   –  Jamie Smith


Teaching for Transformation
Designing Formational Learning Experiences 
See the Story  Live the Story

All things belong to God! That is the biblical truth that must gently whisper and boldly resound in every part, every thread of our Christian school’s curriculum.

This five-day, 30-hour summer session is a hands on and practical workshop opportunity for teachers to be immersed in the core practices that are integral to Teaching for Transformation (TfT).  TfT is an intentional approach to designing learning experiences that invite students to find their place within the Biblical story as they experience classroom learning that is Real Work that meets a Real Need for a Real Audience.

Beyond being trained in the core practices of Teaching for Transformation, workshop participants will collaborate with other passionate Christian educators, experience field work, and create TfT learning experiences that are classroom ready for the next school year. Additionally, course participants will experience firsthand the student-engaged assessment practices contained in Leaders of Their Own Learning, a much celebrated assessment resource designed by Expeditionary Learning Schools.

While the course is significantly different from the previous offerings of TfT, it still remains designed both for educators who are new to TfT and for educators who have previously taken the course or other TfT training experiences.

Praise from Past Participants

I love how incredibly empowering this course was, and the fact that I am actually walking out of it with a few units that I can use right away.

For myself, there was a TON of learning that happened, but I think the thing I most appreciate about the course is what it will do for our school moving forward.

I loved the combination of theoretical and practical. I loved listening to all of you articulate how this fits with the big picture of Christian education, but I also really appreciated the large blocks of time to simply sit down and write units.

Thanks for making this experience worthwhile, and not in the 60 minutes sense, but in the 60 years sense.

I am excited about the possibilities of what my classroom learning will look like for the students that come through my door!

The Summer Unit Design Session is endorsed by the CTABC, CPABC, SCSBC, and PCCE. It has course equivalent status to a university-level Christian perspectives course, subject to your school board's approval.

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